Fall 2017 Issue

From the Chairmans' Desk

We're pleased to provide you this issue of InTransition featuring articles on complete streets and related topics. Decades-old auto-centric approaches to transportation planning are giving way to complete streets strategies in cities and towns around the nation, ensuring that our investments serve the needs of all travelers—young and old, on foot, in cars, in trucks, in buses, on bicycles and in wheelchairs.

In northern New Jersey, we are proud that a growing number of our communities are implementing complete streets policies. The NJTPA, for its part, has just finalized its new long range plan, Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey, which incorporates and recommends the strategies to help our region cope with a projected population increase of 17 percent (to 7.7 million people) and jobs increase of 14 percent (to 3.4 million jobs) by 2045.

Complete streets strategies open up new opportunities and modes of travel to residents and offer more efficient use of our heavily traveled infrastructure. Check out Plan 2045 at njtpa.org. And tell us what you think about what you read here in InTransition.