Is Carpooling Still a Thing? Promoting Efficiency in the Era of Remote WorkBILL WITTKOP

Is Carpooling Still a Thing? Promoting Efficiency in the Era of Remote Work

Widespread work-from-home practices have upended many efforts to make transportation more efficient, raising new environmental and economic concerns. Non-profit commuter services organizations that promote carpooling,  transit and other alternatives to driving solo to work are trying to adapt to the new reality of intermittent commuting and changing travel patterns. Meanwhile, the push-pull between workers and their employers over remote work policies continues.

            Brightline Aims High After Years of Hopes

Brightline Aims High After Years of Hopes

High-Speed Rail Kicks Off Florida Service as a Model for California and Beyond

Brightline's Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas route aims to capture up to 11 million of the travelers who would otherwise have made trips between the Los Angeles metro area and southern Nevada by car or commercial airlines -- and serve as a model for future high-speed rail lines.

            Reimagining Bus Shelters As Local Art

Reimagining Bus Shelters As Local Art

Bus shelters in Portland, Maine are getting attention for more than just providing space protected from the elements where people can wait.

            As Gas Tax Loses Power, Fees Closer to RealityED MURRAY

As Gas Tax Loses Power, Fees Closer to Reality

Innovative Programs at State Level Show Potential Ways Forward

Roughly half of U.S. states are currently or have been engaged in pilot programs to study Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF), with varying approaches to how mileage is reported or collected, how much drivers are charged, and how to recoup costs from out-of-state motorists.

Survey: Risky Charging Behavior by Micromobility Owners

AMID SOARING SALES of e-bikes and e-scooters in recent years, there’s a lack of awareness among owners about the lithium-ion batteries that power the devices that could lead to risky behavior and even deadly fires, according to recent surveys. read more

Remote Work v. Emissions v. Transit Ridership

RESEARCHERS ARE IN the midst of trying to sort out the impacts of remote work since the pandemic on transit systems and the environment. read more

Study Examines Safety in Cities with High, Low Biking RatesĀ 

MORE BICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE can improve safety for all road users as it heightens the visibility and awareness of bicyclists and pedestrians have “strength in numbers” but the strongest relationship with improved safety are lower vehicle speeds and fewer vehicle trips that are likely a result of high-density land use development and transportation networks. read more

Bus Ridership Recovery Pegged For 2026

INTERCITY BUS TRAFFIC is expected to recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2026 even as the high-profile bus station closings continue. read more

Traffic Calming Effect of Bike Lanes

PROTECTED BICYCLE LANES marked with simple traffic cones and plastic delineators were associated with a reduction in average maximum speeds of 20 to 30 percent. read more