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Transit-Oriented Developments Multiplied and Held Their Values
Comparatively Well in the Housing Crisis. Will the Trend Continue Post-Recession?
By Josh Stephens

transit-oriented developmentBy the middle of 2008 it had become apparent that a trend which had dominated American life for the better part of the past century was coming to a close. What began with Lewis and Clark, covered wagons, and the conquest of the Frontier appeared to be ending in an inglorious mess of bad mortgages, credit default swaps, and zombie houses more prone to causing nightmares than to fulfilling the American dream. ...

For United Streetcar, ‘Made in America’ Is Serious Business

Oregon Manufacturer Flourishes during U.S. Streetcar Revival by ‘Insourcing, Not Outsourcing’
By Randy Salzman

streetcar assembly lineThe words “transportation jobs” often conjure visions of workers in bright vests with shovels or searchlights silhouetting hardhats on the side of a highway at night. Cities like Tucson, Portland and now Washington D.C., however, are recognizing they can quietly create transportation jobs without inducing more people to drive and without triggering an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. ...

As the Economy Comes Back, Innovators Come Out in the Black

Some Tech-Oriented Companies Prospered in Recession on Strength of Ideas
By Keith Hamas

mobile appIt can take a bit of innovation to bypass congestion on the road to economic recovery. The fear of loss associated with the downturn has caused many transportation sector companies to take dramatic steps aimed at cutting costs. But for others, the hard times have served as additional motivation to find alternate routes through innovative actions and behavioral changes.

Stalled in Traffic

Experts Say MAP-21 Defers Hard Funding Decisions Amid Growing Transportation Needs
By Mark Solof

trafficA broken Congress may be the new norm. The last time Congress approved a budget and completed the required appropriations bills before the close of the federal fiscal year was at least 15 years ago in 1997. “Now the standard is, we get to the end of the fiscal year at the federal level, we threaten government shutdown, we come up with some compromise and we move on,” said National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) Executive Director Fred Abousleman. ...

Turning Back the Clock (Tower) on Century-Old Ferry Terminal

Shuttered for 45 Years, Historic Hoboken Facility Is Restored for Modern Commuter Vessels
By Karl Vilacoba

ferry commutersOn an idyllic summer Thursday, a swarm of helicopters circle over Hoboken, N.J.’s famous waterfront view of Lower Manhattan. President Obama is in town to tour the Freedom Tower project with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and several other dignitaries. For security purposes, PATH train service is shut down to the World Trade Center station, eliminating one of the most vital links between New Jersey and the city. ...