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Winter 2009

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Reaching the People

Taking an Innovative Approach to Public Engagement
By Melissa Hayes

Metropolitan planning organizations and transportation providers across the country are turnign away from reliance on traditional public meetings ...

Snacks and question cards on a coffee table.Sidebar: A Specialized Approach

NJTPA, Rutgers Tailor Oureach for
Underrepresented Groups
By Melissa Hayes

A group of young adults is gathered in a living room. The coffee table is covered in snacks and colorful paper cards. It looks like an informal dinner party, but it's actually a creative take on public outreach...

People write on a map during a public meeting for the Morris Canal greenway study.What Works: Participatory Mapping

By Karl Vilacoba

It's been said that every map tells a story. So can several hundred form a transportation plan? Transportation agencies are increasingly turning to partcipatory mapping as a means of collecting data ...

A temporary demonstration project shows how a road in Jesey City could be narrowed.What Works: Demonstration Projects

By Melissa Hayes

The demonstration projects were an innovative way to gather public input for the JC Walks Pedestrian Enhancement Plan study ...

What Works: Comics/Graphic Novels

By Karl Vilacoba

Portland's TriMet needed a way to connect with a sizable but hard to reach segment of its ridership—Spanish speaking residents with limited reading skills. What the agency came up with was something of a "marvel" among transit communication products. ...

Transit Agencies Turning to Retail Customer Service

By Josh Stephens

While specific services differ, each of these brick-and-mortar centers are designed to make the transit experience a little more tangible.