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Winter 2009

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The E-Commerce Revolution

Online shopping boom testing infrastructure's limits
By Nate Berg

It was the peak of the holiday shopping season in 2013 when the package delivery system fell apart. Retailers promising online shoppers fast delivery for last minute orders created a tsunami of packages that hit the parcel delivery companies so hard in the days before Christmas that they were unable to get planes to carry all the boxes flooding distribution centers. . ...

Uber for Trucking: Matching Freight with Haulers

New Technology Aims to Reduce Number of Empty Trucks on Roadways
By Jessica Zimmer

Handwritten notes on bulletin boards at truck stops were once a principal means that shippers with goods to haul and willing truck drivers found each other. Then in a groundbreaking move, Dial-A-Truck in 1978 installed television monitors in truck stops to post trucker and shipper notices.Today, finding freight to haul – or truckers to move merchandise – is as easy as logging into one of many smartphone applications on the market.. ...

Sticking Together Could Pay With Truck Platooning Technology

Automated Systems Seen as a Means for Cutting Fuel Consumption and Improving Road Safety
By Karl Vilacoba

They moved with the precision of racecars hugging tight turns in close synchronization to cut down on air resistance. But there was no racetrack, just a Nevada interstate, and in this case the vehicles weren’t racecars, but a pair of 18-wheelers.When the driver in the front truck sped up or tapped on the brakes for a passing car, the rear truck responded instantly.. ...

Bridging the Gap Through Public-Private Partnerships

OneRail Coalition Working to Build Relationships
By Melissa Hayes

Built 140 years ago, the historic Portageville Bridge in western New York has become a problem for the region’s freight industry. To cross the span, operated by Norfolk Southern, trains must drop their weight 13,000 pounds below industry standards and travel no faster than 10 mphThe aging infrastructure has impeded Norfolk Southern’s ability to serve the region and affects several short lines that use the track to cross the Genesee River Gorge. ...

In the Shadow of the Port

Slow Progress on Brownfields Clean up for Freight Use
By Mark Solof

They are prime locations – thousands of acres in close proximity to the largest port on the East Coast, freight rail and a major airport. But these former industrial sites have largely remained an untapped resourceSome 10,000 containers flow through the Port of New York and New Jersey each day and more cargo comes through Newark Liberty International Airport and nearby rail terminals. Many of these goods move by truck to processing centers and then back out to consumers and retailers...