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Featured Articles From the Winter 2011 Edition

Trading the Pump for the Plug

With Their Affordability and Easier Infrastructure Requirements,
Plug-In Electrics Are Poised to Take Charge of Alternative Energy Car Market
By Brian Donahue

A century after the world parked the electric car in favor of the internal combustion engine, tens of thousands of drivers are once again plugging in, charging up and zooming off. ...

Electric Bike Makers Vie to Gain Footing in U.S. Market

Already Widespread in Asia and Europe, E-Bikes Face Steeper Climb Here
By Randy Salzman

Craig Fabio pedals into a driveway on River Street and peers inside a stack of tires. “No rims,” the Charlottesville, Va., zoning officer said while pulling out his cell-phone camera. “It’s a violation. Breeds mosquitoes.” If Fabio was driving, both parking and a lack of flexibility would decrease his efficiency. But on this October Friday, he was “e-biking” on a year-old Giant Twist Freedom. ...

Designers Hope Smooth Sailing’s Ahead for Wind-Assist Ferry

Wingsailed Catamaran Among Growing Group of Hybrid Vessel Designs Worldwide
By Karl Vilacoba

The winds of change may soon blow for the commuter ferry industry. San Francisco-based Wind+Wings Technologies is developing what is believed to be the world’s first wingsailed catamaran ferry, a vessel designed similar to one the BMW Oracle Racing Team raced to victory at the last America’s Cup. ...

Railroad a Locomotive for Economic Growth in Tokyo Suburbs

Launched in 2005, the Tsukuba Express Has Exceeded Ridership Estimates
and Sparked Transit-Oriented Development
By Richard P. Greenfield

If a Japanese Rip Van Winkle had fallen asleep in a wooded thicket near the city of Tsukuba’s Kenkyu-Gakuen section in the late 1980s and woke up 20 years later, he would have been shocked at the sights and sounds. The trees would have been sawed down and replaced by busy roads and housing developments, and the sleepy rice fields paved over for jammed parking lots and a large shopping center. Commuter trains on a new rail line would rumble by every few minutes. ...

Column: On-Street Protected Bike Facilities Boost Mobility
While Lessening Congestion

By Samuel I. Schwartz

When I was an assistant transportation commissioner under New York Mayor Ed Koch in 1980, I introduced the first on-street protected bike paths in the United States on Manhattan’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues and Broadway. They were short-lived. Too few people used them, according to the media and general public, and three fatal crashes where cyclists struck pedestrians elsewhere in Manhattan at around the same time made the front pages. ...

Whetting Your Travel App-etite

A Sampler of Useful Transportation-Related Tools for Smartphones
By David Schmetterer and Karl Vilacoba

Man walked on the moon thanks to a guidance computer that ran at 1 MHz. The system in charge of controlling the lunar lander’s descent to the Sea of Tranquility was, in the most generous of senses, 1,000 times less powerful than a computer in today’s cell phones. What used to be the domain of the few, usually well-funded (and often military) research institutions, is now in the hands of every smartphone user on earth. And what are we doing with all this technological firepower? We’re using “apps” ...