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From the Chairman

The federal stimulus package has put the transportation sector in the front lines in government’s fight to restore our nation’s economic vitality. Its emphasis on transportation infrastructure and repair is providing an infusion of funding that promises to meet many long-standing and vital needs. But the work is just beginning.

In the months ahead, transportation professionals and elected officials concerned with transportation—including those serving in Metropolitan Planning Organizations like the NJTPA—must be equal to the challenges which face our country. The stimulus package has created an environment which demands that all of us—from policy makers to engineers to construction foremen—work together to ensure that our projects are completed effectively, efficiently and with all possible speed.

The goal of InTransition is to deliver news and insights about the transportation sector in an educational and reader-friendly way. We hope that this magazine and its website will serve as a forum for sharing resources and ideas for better meeting the many transportation challenges we face as a region and as a nation.

Susan M. Zellman


North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

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