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Winter 2009

Featured Articles From the Winter 2008 Edition

Transportation Planning Warms Up to Climate Change

Strategies Sweeping and Small Being Formed to Face Global Emergency
By Josh Stephens

Relatively speaking, Sisyphus had it easy: one boulder, one route, up and down, with zero emissions. But for contemporary planners worried about climate change, an even more formidable task is emerging. It involves America’s billion or so wheels, infinitely chaotic movements, and a stew of gases that threatens the biosphere. . .

FasTimes at Mile High

Ambitious Expansion of Denver Area Commuter Rail on Track
By Greg Henry

The largest mass transit project in the country is scheduled to start in full this summer in Denver. Once complete, the ambitious FasTracks program is expected to add 119 miles of new commuter and light rail and 18 miles of bus rapid transit (BRT) service to the Denver metro area. . .

Protecting the Past's Future

Cities Employ Strategies to Handle Modern Transportation Needs in Historic Districts
By Jessica Zimmer

Historic districts present city planners and traffic engineers with a unique challenge—balancing the need to attract visitors with state and sometimes federal requirements to protect the character of old neighborhoods. . .

Traffic Probes Provide Real-Time Data on Road Conditions

By Eric Goldwyn

If you’ve glided through an E-ZPass booth in North Jersey or cruised a local highway with a cell phone turned on lately, your movements may have been tracked. But don’t worry—experts say the information you provided was anonymous and could have actually sped up your trip. . .