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Winter 2009

Featured Articles From the Summer 2008 Edition

The Devils in the Details

How NJ Transit, City Prepared to Put “The Rock” in a Hard Place: Downtown Newark
By Karl Vilacoba

If good things come in threes, for NJ Transit, that means the Bordieri brothers. Joseph, Brian and Vincent live in three separate parts of the state, but chose to ride their three local train lines rather than drive to Newark for a recent New Jersey Devils hockey game. The brothers met up near the main departures board in Newark Penn Station, which was swarming with fans. . .

A Slow-Go to the Speedway

Traffic from 300,000 Indy 500 Fans Poses a Daunting Challenge
By Jason Martin

Zach Crowe’s morning commute landed him in the middle of two blocks of standstill traffic at 6:30 a.m. one May Sunday in Indianapolis. Crowe was trying to get to his office inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway some six and a half hours before the Indianapolis 500 was scheduled to begin. . .

A First Down for Transit in Arlington?

Cowboys Stadium Project Helps Put Rail, Bus Talks Back in Play
By Greg Henry

Mass transit has long been relegated to the sidelines in Arlington, Texas, where voters have rejected bus transit plans three times over the past 23 years. But with the Dallas Cowboys coming to town in 2009, transit is back on the playing field. . .

An Underground Movement Forms in L.A.

Supporters See a Window of Opportunity for Subway Extension
By Josh Stephens

As Los Angeles has grown more populous and traded density for sprawl, banter about “Manhattanization” has picked up. To the chagrin of many residents, development in the 469-square mile city, and even in its surrounding eponymous county, has consumed nearly all buildable land, and anything further may have to grow up rather than out. How anyone will get to these new developments is another matter. . .

A Road Runs Through It

Using Geophysical Sensing in Transportation
By Jessica Zimmer

Arrowheads, glass bottles, human skeletons—when work starts on a road project, you never know what lies beneath. Geophysical sensing takes the mystery out of that history. . .