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Winter 2009

Featured Articles From the Spring 2007 Edition

Emergency Evacuation of the Elderly and Disabled

Safeguarding Independent Living
By Clare Cahalan and John Renne

Living independently, especially for seniors and the disabled, is a freedom enjoyed by a growing segment of the population. However, the catastrophic flooding in the New Orleans area revealed that our society is illprepared to respond to people with mobility restrictions. . .

Stoughton's Great Street

Matching Grant Program Takes Off
By Julie Lemerond

Stoughton, Wisconsin is a bit like Bob Dylan’s girlfriend. If you love your hometown—and Americans love their hometowns like no other—you’ll ride a long ways just to be with the one you love. And just as a young Dylan rode his motorcycle all the way down Highway 51 to see his sweetheart, Stoughton natives have traveled a long and difficult road to keep their community vibrant and thriving. . .

The Evolution of Location Efficiency

Transportation Costs and Affordability
By Jill Siegel

In 1994, researchers at the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) in Chicago, the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco, and the Surface Transportation Policy Project in Washington, DC, began work on “location efficiency.” Their purpose was to explore the assumption that a household’s car ownership and driving decrease measurably as their daily work, housing, and leisure destinations become more convenient, especially through the use of nonautomotive means. . .

Smart Pipes

Hi Tech Conduits Can Warn About Flaws
By Mark Solof

Utility crews put down the orange cones, close off the street, bring in the backhoes and begin digging to get at a ruptured water main. It’s a familiar scene in communities around the nation, one that occurs as a section of pipe finally succumbs to the combined assaults of age, corrosion, vibration and water pressure. . .

Bay Area Ties Transit Funding to Local Planning

By Dave Behrend

Transit-oriented development, in many ways, is a planning dream—providing housing dense enough to support a transit hub with a variety of travel options accompanied by retail development and a streetscape conducive to walking. Such a mix of transportation efficiency and compact land use can do much to preserve open space, put development where infrastructure already exists, and make the most efficient use of transportation systems, all while keeping the growth of automobile traffic in check.

Giving Bikes Another Look

By Ted Ritter

When it comes to wheeled transportation, bicycles are tough to beat as a basic means for getting from here to there. As illustrated by some of the following photos, bicycles are literally a daily way of life for many people. For others, bikes are something of an obsessive hobby, commanding hours of creative tinkering and modifications in the garage or workshop. . .