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Winter 2009

Featured Articles from the Spring/Summer 2010 Edition

Transit Agencies Find New On-Ramps to the Information Superhighway

Social Media's Stock on the Rise As a Tool to Reach the Public
By Josh Stephens

The San Francisco Municipal Railway wants to be your friend. So does MARTA, who is not a lady, but rather Atlanta’s bus and rail operator. Denver’s Regional Transportation District, Los Angeles’ Metro, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit District and countless other transit agencies across the country do, too. . .

Changing the Car Culture Down Under

Australia Entices Commuters Off the Roads One Household at a Time with Educational Marketing Push, Elaborate Bike-Ped Infrastructure
By Randy Salzman

Every morning before much of Brisbane, Australia, is awake, Sarah George glides past the picturesque Kangaroo Cliffs and over the apt-named Goodwill Bridge, killing the proverbial two, or rather four, birds with a single commute. . .

Here Comes the Sun-Powered Infrastructure

Solar Equipment Is Becoming More Common on the Road—One Day, It May Even Be the Road
By Karl Vilacoba

As a childhood car nut, Scott Brusaw dreamed of a world paved with “electric roads,” often drawing highways with power-supplying slots down the middle like the popular toy racetrack sets. Brusaw never shook the idea, even after he grew up and his thoughts turned to a more grown-up issue—climate change. . .

Travelers Behaving Badly

Behavioral Economics Offers Insights and Strategies for Improving Transportation
By Mark Solof

Driving in traffic, one is often hard-pressed to think of fellow travelers as rational. They swerve across multiple lanes to make a turn, race to get to the next red light, slow to ogle fender-benders and engage in other roadway antics. . .

Column: Automated Parking Saves Space in Tight Places

By Shannon Sanders McDonald, AIA

Renters at the Palisades apartment building in Towson, Md., will save time, space, the environment and the walkability of their downtown this summer—all by parking their cars. Once complete, the luxury high-rise will contain the largest automated parking system of its kind in the United States. . .

Quantifying the Returns on Transportation Investments

Professor's Research Helps Develop Tools that Predict the Economic Impacts of Infrastructure Spending
By David Behrend

Following his participation in a North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority symposium on the economics of transportation infrastructure, Rutgers University Professor Joseph Seneca discussed the overall economic benefits of transportation investment, the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and related issues for this InTransition Q&A. . .