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From the Chairman's Desk

Through my work at the NJTPA, I’ve become familiar with the many complex issues faced in the world of transportation—planning, funding, building, maintaining and operating all pose their own particular sets of challenges. But there’s one thing common to all these aspects of transportation—and really to all public endeavors, whether related to transportation or not—and that’s the importance of communications. Today, technology lets us communicate more quickly and effectively than ever before.

The pace of change in this area also is a challenge. Not long ago, no one had ever heard of Facebook or Twitter. It seems hard to believe that YouTube is only about five years old. Nevertheless, for the public and private sectors alike, these websites and others like them are critical to 21st century communications.

This issue of InTransition provides an educational look at how transportation agencies are using these new tools, and perhaps some valuable food for thought for readers crafting their own social media strategies.

Dennis McNerney
Chairman, North Jersey Transportation
Planning Authority

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