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NJIT to Conduct Transit Supportive Development Educational Workshops

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s (NJIT) Strategic Initiatives Office will be creating and conducting transit supportive development educational workshops for up to three municipalities as part of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority’s new Planning for Emerging Centers Program. These pilot workshops are designed to assist communities that are just beginning to consider transit supportive/transit oriented development and are interested in learning more about this issue.

Two widely accepted principles of transit supportive development are: 1) Convenient access to transit is, or can be, a key attraction to foster mixed-use development; and 2) increased density in station areas can not only support transit, but also may accomplish other goals, including increasing economic development potential, increasing pedestrian activity, reducing sprawl, reducing congestion, realizing environmental benefits and building sustainable communities.

Planning for, and ultimately attracting, the type of development that leads to sustainable, transit friendly communities can be challenging. There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all approach because every community is different. However, community specific strategies can be developed to encourage the type of transit supportive/transit oriented development that meets the area’s needs. If a vibrant, economically viable and sustainable community around a transit station is the desired outcome, then the communities need a toolkit for encouraging and enabling not only developments that support transit, but for implementing policies and planning initiatives that will attract such development.  

NJIT’s Strategic Initiatives Office recently completed national research for the Federal Transit Administration regarding transit supportive development. A product of this research is Planning for Transit Supportive Development, A Practitioner’s Guide. This Practitioner’s Guide is a toolkit of best practices, guidance, success stories, useful techniques, transferable examples, and lessons learned, aimed at providing planners at both the regional and local levels with ideas on how to integrate transit planning with local land use planning.

In its Transit Supportive Development Educational Workshops, NJIT discusses various issues pertaining to transit supportive/oriented development and presents lessons learned by communities across the U.S. These lessons learned will serve as a roadmap for the communities in navigating the many different planning activities and policy development initiatives needed to realize the creation of vibrant, economically viable and sustainable communities around a transit station.

For more information, contact Dr. Colette Santasieri, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the NJIT Office of Research and Development, at or (973) 642-4165.

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