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Winter 2009

Featured Articles From the Fall 2013 Edition

Superstorm Sandy: A Municipal Perspective

One Year Later, Officials from Devastated Jersey Shore Community
of Brick Share Transportation-Related Lessons
By Karl Vilacoba

barrier island breachFollowing Superstorm Sandy, Brick, N.J., was a town divided. In what became one of the enduring images of the storm’s wrath, the Atlantic Ocean plowed through a three-block neighborhood to create a new inlet to the Barnegat Bay behind it. The breach occurred at the foot of the Mantoloking Bridge, the main access route from Brick’s mainland area to its thin but densely developed barrier island section. ...

Power Moves

Nationwide Mobilization of Thousands of Utility Workers
to Restore Sandy Outages Prompts New Partnerships
By Mark Solof

utility trucksAlbert Parmer got the “go” order while the massive Superstorm Sandy was still in the Atlantic heading up the East Coast. An apprentice lineman working for a utility contractor in Zanesville, Ohio, Parmer and two fellow crewmen loaded into two utility trucks and headed east into Pennsylvania. They traveled for two days, spending part of their time waiting in a hotel for the storm to finish its trek and for winds to subside.

Implementing 'No Regrets Adaptations' for Transportation

Q&A with Climate Change Experts Joel Smith and Russell Jones
By Karl Vilacoba

Holland TunnelPerspectives features interviews with professionals making news in the transportation world. In this issue, InTransition talks with climate change experts Joel Smith and Russell Jones about the overall lessons from Superstorm Sandy and steps that can be taken to make America's infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather events.

Winds of Change

Since Devastating Hurricane Seasons of 2004 and 2005,
Florida Has Made Its Transportation System Stronger and Smarter
By Jessica Zimmer

Damaged roadIn 2004, Florida suffered direct blows from Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne and Ivan along with a battery of severe tropical storms. At some $50 billion in damage, it was the costliest Atlantic hurricane season in U.S. history—a distinction that lasted for only a matter of months. The 2005 season saw a record 27 named storms which collectively caused $150 billion in damage and claimed over 3,000 lives. ...

Ahead of the Curb

Comfortable, Creatively Branded and Competitively Priced,
New Wave of Curbside Carriers Reinvigorate Intercity Bus Travel
By Josh Stephens

It takes only a passing comparison between the heavens floating above Grand Central’s main hall and the stained girders of the giant bus terminal across town to understand how the intercity bus ranks in American culture. Many a movie scene has drawn inspiration from the gritty and mysterious characters that haunted the major depots of American cities, which invariably lack the grandeur that characterizes America’s great train stations.

Research Exchange

Millenial commuterResearch Exchange gathers brief summaries of ongoing or recently completed research about critical topics in transportation. This edition includes studies on bus rapid transit as a catalyst for economic development, millenials' auto use, the safety of voice-to-text mobile apps, tech companies' future impact on the car market and more.

Research News at NJIT

NJIT to Conduct Transit Supportive Development Educational Workshops

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s (NJIT) Strategic Initiatives Office will be creating and conducting transit supportive development educational workshops for up to three municipalities as part of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority’s new Planning for Emerging Centers Program. These pilot workshops are designed to assist communities that are just beginning to consider transit supportive/transit oriented development and are interested in learning more about this issue. ...