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Winter 2009

Featured Articles From the Fall 2009 Edition

Mass Transit's Reversal of Fortune

Even As Ridership Surges, Economic Crisis Ravages Agencies’ Budgets
By Josh Stephens

At some point in the past year, nurses in St. Louis discovered that they couldn’t get to their nursing home, where they cared for Alzheimer’s patients. Hipsters studying at Pratt had to fish out an extra quarter to get to the loft party in Williamsburg. And suburbanites in Aurora resigned themselves to waiting a few more years before they could take the train to work in downtown Denver. . .

Signs of the Times

Digital Billboards Light Up Roadsides and Raise Revenue Potential, Safety Concerns
By Mark Solof

They’re bright, brash and get noticed. Digital billboards, using the LED flat-panel technology that has overtaken the home TV market, are showing up in growing numbers along many of the nation’s major highways. . .


Equipping Autos to "Talk" to Each Other Yields Significant Safety Innovations
By Karl Vilacoba

Connected vehicle technologies—sometimes referred to as IntelliDrive or vehicle infrastructure integration technologies, among other terms—enable autos to communicate with each other and their surroundings. Some experts believe the emerging technology’s impact on safety, mobility and the environment will transform the driving experience in the years to come. . .

Cab-Share Services Make Deals on Wheels

Websites Play Matchmaker for Riders Going the Same Way
By Eric Goldwyn

Standing near the Manhattan Bridgeone night, Jonathan McKinney debated whether to spend $15 for a cab back to his Brooklyn apartment or $2 to ride the subway. In a perfect world, the answer would have been something in between...

Is a 'True Reauthorization' on the Way?

With New Federal Transportation Bill Pending, Policy Expert Heartened by Range of Debate
By Karl Vilacoba

Following his participation in a recent North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority symposium on transportation financing, Eno Transportation Foundation President and CEO Stephen Van Beek discussed where America’s policies are headed and how current economic realities are likely to shape them in this InTransition Q&A.