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The goal of InTransition is to deliver news and insights about the transportation sector in an educational and reader-friendly way. We hope this magazine and website will serve as a forum for sharing resources and ideas to better meet the many transportation challenges in northern New Jersey and around the nation.

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InTransition is published by the NJTPA in partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


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spring 2015

Featured Articles From the Latest Edition

Ride-Hailing Apps Go the Extra Mile

Services like Uber and Lyft are rapidly expanding from urban cores to the suburbs
By Josh Stephens

WTC transit hubIn the past year or so, two innovative companies emerged, amid bitter competition but parralel success, to solve some of transportation's most vexing problems. They have brought spirited late-night revelers home safely. They have gotten travelers to the airport on time. They have dropped off sandwiches to hungry offices. They have given taxi companies fits. ...

Eyes in the Sky Will Help Travelers Down the Road

Researchers see drones' potential for transportation management, emergency communications
By Jessica Zimmer

Philadelphia muralAcross the country, researchers are building high hopes for how data collected by drone aircraft can be used for transportation purposes. Although transportation agencies aren't yet launching drones to handle their everyday work, experts believe it's only a matter of time. Recent tests have demonstrated the promise of drones for helping manage traffic, evaluating road and bridge repair needs, facilitating communications during disasters, informing emergency responders and more. ...

Paving the Way for Smarter Investments

Vehicle-mounted technologies provide a clear picture of road conditions
while saving man-hours, traffic headaches
By Karl Vilacoba

Red Los Angeles busOn a North Carolina interstate, a van cruises with traffic at 65 miles per hour while taking 1,000 pictures per mile. A half-dozen 2D and 3D cameras mounted on the vehicle—some trained forward, others sideways or straight down at the road—capture a high-definition view of its surroundings. ...

Former Highway Tunnel Now Simulates Realistic Disasters

West Virginia facility trains emergency responders for calamities
ranging from subway terror attacks to hazmat crashes
By Hannah Chenoweth

car-shaped bike rackIt's 1954, and TV sets around the nation are tuned in to a news profile of the new West Virginia Memorial Tunnel. It is a high-tech marvel of its day, setting new standards for ventilation with its highly advanced system, and as the first tunnel in the country monitored by closed-circuit television. Thousands of highly reflective yellow tiles illuminate the passageway to reduce the cost of lighting, an innovation later adopted throughout the country. ...

7 Steps DOTs Must Take Now to Prepare for Technology's Impact

Connectedness, big data and automation to fundamentally change how we travel
By Don Hunt

Harrison apartmentsAs the world changes with the rapid advancement of connected devices and technologies, so must the transportation industry. In a business area where change is sluggish, DOTs across the country must adapt quickly to the evolving technologies that are going to impact their operations and budgets.

NJDOT Veteran Launches National Operations Center of Excellence

Organization's website a hub for transportation systems management and operations community
By Karl Vilacoba

Dennis Motiani is the executive director of the National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE). Launched in January, the Washington, D.C.-based NOCoE offers peer exchanges, online resources, on-call assistance and training on topics such as integrated corridor management, active traffic management and incident response. ...